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Catching Up With #KCNightlifeAlumni Michael Anorue in honor of Black History Month.


The phrase Nightlife Matters means so much to us over at UpDown Nightlife especially when it comes to Kansas City Nightlife. We believe it is a large aspect that dictates the way the whole city is viewed and how it moves forward. We’ve been apart of Kansas City Nightlife for 5 years now and have seen the transition it’s made. We took a moment to reflect on the growth of Kansas City Nightlife and caught up with #KCNightLifeAlumni Michael Anorue.


Michael Anorue has a very legitimate resume when it come to KC Nightlife, actually Nightlife in general. He’s worked at some of the best places of KC Nightlife’s past, places like The Point Bar & Grill, (Hotel) Power & Light district and even managed The Empire Room KC. He also worked behind the scene as a Sales Consultant with Southern Glazer. Basically, Anorue knows a lot about KC’s Nightlife as a whole! He still keeps in touch with friends and previous colleagues and takes frequent trips to KC now to stay knowledgeable about the City’s nightlife scene.

With us considering Mike as a ‘pro’ of nightlife, we caught up with him to ask a few questions.


  •             What was your favorite thing about KC Nightlife?

“The one thing I thoroughly enjoyed about the Kansas City nightlife was the sense of community. From your favorite bartenders and bar staff to your favorite regulars, there were always familiar faces.”


  •             What should KC Nightlife do to improve?

“I would like to see more creativity when it comes to events in the KC market.”


  •             What was your least favorite thing about KC Nightlife ?

“The lack of diversity. I feel like there is still a divide; this club is for “ them” and this club is for “us” mentality.”


Over the years there has always been an underlying factor of nightlife in KC: being unable to foster a diverse vibe. There has been tons of stories on how to fix it and why it is that way but no real solutions or actions towards it. We here at UpDown pride ourselves on having the most diverse crowd in KC and continue to push forward with that mission.


We asked Anorue a few more questions:


  •              Being in Dallas and being on the scene, what have you learned about the industry?

“In Dallas, I’ve noticed it’s pretty simple as long as you’re dressed nice and coming to have a good time all are welcomed.”


  •             What is one thing you would want to tell the KC Nightlife Industry?

“You can play hip hop music, but that’s a topic for another time.”


Mike’s answers to these questions seemed so simple but the truth of the matter is, it IS that simple. KC has tried to take away hip hop/trap music for years thinking it would make the environments more safe or fun but it truly doesn’t. Dallas being a key city to the southern states, it does a great job of keeping a diverse crowd mixed in with Hip Hop/Trap music. INCrowd (@incrowdlife) in particular.

(Michael’s Dallas Nightlife Experience: Marketing Specialist/Brand Ambassador for Fireball, Highland Park Scotch, Peroni Beer.)



We believe everything starts from the marketing, planning of the event, to the venue down to the partners involved, ensuring that diversity is at the forefront so that we all have a great time with great people. We know KC Nightlife can create this and we truly want to be the driving force behind the solution.




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