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Crown Royal (Peach)

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When one says Crown Royal, the next word that usually follows is Apple. But the Canadian Whiskey brand is set to release another flavor that will have you reconsider your choice when you approach your next drink.

Crown Royal has set a high standard for their liquor and has delivered some big bombs with their flavors: Crown Royal (Apple) being one of them. ‘Apple’ has claimed the title as one of the most bought shots in Kansas City right now. But if you thought Crown Royal Apple was your favorite flavor of whiskey; the release of Crown Royal Peach will change your mind.

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The anticipation for this Crown Royal Peach is growing a lot as of late. The new flavor (Peach) seems as if it has the chance to surpass what all the other flavors have done.

“We here at UpDown Nightlife believe it will be the best flavor Crown Royal has released”


When we asked Michele DeChadendes (On Premise Diageo Marketing Specialist) what she would like to share with Kansas City prior to the ‘Peach’ release, here’s what she had to say:

“Crown Peach tested higher in focus groups than CR Apple tested prior to launch. It’s a massive recruitment tool for women and our Crown Flavors have proven to not cannibalize Crown Deluxe. Crown Apple is still growing and shows no means of slowing down. CR Apple is still the first innovation sku in industry history to sell 1 million cases in a calendar year. We are looking to see the same kind of boom with Crown Peach. Crown Peach will change the way bartenders build Vegas bombs (one of the highest call shots).”


So, let’s get to why you are really reading this write up… you want to know the release date for Kansas City? Right? Well our pretty prestige sources say it will be in KC (March 1st), as we speak Diageo & Southern Glazer is preparing all the marketing funds and getting together the promo run for the release.


Be sure to stay updated to our Instagram (@updownnightlife) & Website (Updownnightlifeapp.com) to see when we plan to do a tasting for the release of Crown Royal Peach.


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