From a very young age, Angel McGee knew her career path would involve sports in some capacity. As a young athlete herself, some of Angel’s fondest memories revolve around watching Michael Jordan and The Bulls build their dynasty with her late father as she dreamed of one day playing in the WNBA. Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, McGee did not stray too far from home when she attended Truman State University to earn her bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in Spanish. While she may not be balling out for the LA Sparks, her aspirations of a sports related passage did come to fruition. Her original aim was to be in sports broadcasting but somewhere along the lines a pivot was made, and she found her place among our hometown teams as the Manager of Community Partnership & Events for the Kansas City Royals as well as a Game Day Coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs.

With family cheering on the Chiefs

As a young professional and single mother, finding that work/life balance can be a difficult task but is definitely a priority – especially for such a driven, devoted, family-oriented person like her. Realistically, being out every weekend just isn’t feasible with her schedule. However, her sociable and auspicious personality bode well for her in all settings, and she is certainly a favorite amongst our guests.

A night out in KC

When asked why she chooses our events, McGee expressed it is all about the vibe. “From the venue to the crowd, everything about UpDown events is solid and I know I will have a good time. Every member of the UpDown team is welcoming and it really makes the night worthwhile for me.” Touching on the diversity of our crowd, McGee also mentioned that it is comforting to be in a nightlife setting with likeminded individuals – be that business professionals out for a drink to network or the other moms looking for a moment to decompress in an otherwise chaotic week.

Angel w/ Mayor Quinton Lucas

Angel, we highlight you for being an exemplary member of our crowd and impactful member of our community.

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