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Do Millennials Like Partying During The Day Or At Night?

By May 29, 2019 3 Comments

Do Millennials Like Partying During The Day Or At Night?

This is a question often being asked as we move into the good weather months. We did a poll on twitter and Instagram asking what people prefer – check the results.

After reviewing the results from social media, it made us wonder why day parties are more popular? The polls gave us some great insight as to why.

  1. Getting to sleep at an earlier time
  2. Experiencing venues you don’t get to experience at night
  3. Typically having food options
  4. Good after brunch option
  5. Diversity of the crowd

Another reason that millennials like to party during the day is the laid back, casual atmosphere that a good day party offers. From the vibes, to the fashion, everything is more laid back and comfortable. This is appealing to anyone who works hard throughout the week and wants to kick back and relax before starting a new week.

Pictures by: @kenneyellison

There are a number of reasons why millennials love day parties over hitting the scene at night. Kansas City is not the only city in the U.S. that loves to party during the day. Places like LA, Phoenix, Washington DC, & ATL all have a strong day party culture that millennials feed off of.

We wanted to use this platform to mention some patios who consistently have a Day Party or an Open Patio for you to enjoy. Tribe Street Kitchen, Brick House KC, Sol Cantina, Ale House (Rooftop), Riot Room, The Levee, there’s more but we would be here all day naming them all.

We are excited for this summer and all the day parties that are ahead for Kansas City’s social scene. We just want to enhance the day party culture in any way possible – that is why we decided to publish this article, to bring awareness to not only the day party culture but the social scene as a whole because we all know #NIGHTLIFEMATTERS! 


Let’s not forget that night time parties are just as important for millennials but for different reasons. Younger millennials enjoy the nightlife scene because it is usually their first experience on the social scene. Plus Kansas City weather doesn’t always permit the ability for outdoor/patio parties year round. Nightlife is the most consistent and dependable part of our social scene here in Kansas City. The balance during the good weather months helps carry us through and push us forward each year!


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  • Kaya P says:

    Great write up. Definitely sums it up. Keep working.

  • Ri says:

    I agree. But I also believe we need more day parties throughout the summer since Kansas City weather is only nice during the peak of spring and summer ! Our weather here is so unpredictable. Night life absolutely matters as well but the fact the our venues here are too small and we need better location spots (downtown) the crowd is great day and night and djs are awesome just need more (hookah too) .