After what feels like years during life in a panorama, the citizens of Kansas City are finally getting a chance to embrace the great outdoors again, even the opportunity to comingle with others IRL. While things aren’t quite life as we knew it, there is a hint of face-to-face familiarity. Now, some of you might need a minute for the awkwardness of not wearing real pants or talking to anyone outside of a screen for the last year to wear off, and trust me; there is no judgment in my voice; it’s been a weird year.

Lemonade Park – Stage View

For a young hip, cool mom, of two I have wasted an astonishingly small amount of time thrusting myself back into the world. I mean…. what mom isn’t ready for the world to open up again because their home now needs the type of deep cleaning that only months of quarentertaining children can leave you with. Grocery runs and trips to Target can only hold a girl for so long. The moment my favorite KC-based IG account put out the list of outdoor concert venues, I was in my wallet and on the ticket purchasing website in less than five minutes. A true feat. With a combo of modern outdoor space, delicious food, and a lineup of dope local artists? 

Say. No. More.

Enter Lemonade Park.

Lemonade Park – Stage

Lemons… Lemonade…  Beyoncé isn’t the only one feeling it. Nestled down in the West Bottoms near the old Kemper Arena, in the up-and-coming stockyards districts is Lemonade Park – a cozy atmospheric outdoor concert venue, complete with grass (okay, so it’s turf, but honestly, it’s better this way) and picnic tables. The brainchild of some cool folks at Voltaire, the Golden Ox, Moxie Catering, and the Record Bar built a new kind of music venue. Lemonade Park introduces itself as a safety-minded outdoor entertainment venue born out of creativity and necessity.


Voltaire offers food & drink options for guests

This venue serves up artisanal cocktails and food as well. Adult fare, while I enjoyed the pomme fries and garlic aioli, it’s the type of venue that even from the budget-friendly bring your chair section, you can see the stage and all corners of the venue. Great for budgets and even better for moms who are determined to give their kids the freedom to roam and enjoy some of the fun for themselves. It’s also the type of venue that has delicious adult cocktails and 21 & over shows booked all summer long for date nights or time with friends. Featuring cool benches and picnic tables safely placed across the lawn, while beautiful bright lights encase the stage in a dreamy IG chic intimate concert type vibe. The lineup features a jam-packed calendar of some of the best up-and-coming local artists and groups. You can expect that as the nights get longer and people start to warm up to the idea of being outside and around people again in a safe, socially distant way, that this will be the place to be. Might even catch me there soaking up starry nights where my baby girl still calls me the cool mom.

Clear nights & live music

Written By : Miriam Gray

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